Cut N' Click™ Single Color Touring/Bagger Motorcycle LED Light Kit

Cut N' Click™ Single Color Touring/Bagger Motorcycle LED Light Kit

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Our most requested setup for baggers and touring bikes now available in our Cut N' Click series lights.

Kit Includes

  • Three (3) - 39-LED Cut N' Click™ Strips in your choice of color. Each strip is 58 cm long (about 23 inches)
  • Two (2) - 9-LED Wheel Lights in your choice of LED color and case finish
  • Standard front wheel wiring kit
  • Complete wiring kit that includes (2) 22" power lead, (3) 39", (2) 12" and (3) 15" connector wires, push button on/off switch, in-line fuse and installation instructions
  • Original Owner Lifetime LED Warranty - Does NOT cover corrosion of the power connections


  • Color Selection - Choose the color for your light strips and the color and case finish for your front wheel lights. If you have chrome calipers you will want a chrome case
  • Upgrade to our Front Wheel Wiring Kit with Steel Braid - if you have braided lines you will want to go with this option
  • Remote Control - No remote is included with the kit. Choose from our basic on/off, our PLUS series multi-function or PLUS series Bluetooth remote if desired

Remote Control Options

This kit includes a pushbutton on/off switch. For added convenience, consider purchasing one of our remotes to control your lighting. Here is a review of what's available for single color lights for this kit:

Typical Installation

Each strip can be cut several times in segments of 3 LEDs. We suggest measuring and laying out your lights before you cut the strips. The included power and connector wires will be enough to wire a standard v-twin using this suggested layout as follows:

  • Tank - (1) 18-LED strip under the right side and (1) 21-LED strip under the left side. Use (1) 22" power lead to light one side of the tank. Jump over to the other side using (1) of the 12" connector wires.
  • Horn/Breather - (1) 6-LED strip inside the horn cover and (1) 6-LED strip behind the breather back plate. Use (1) 15" connector wire dropping down from the tank strip above.
  • Engine - (1) 9-LED strip under the oil tank or on the bottom of the seat pan to light behind the engine. Use (1) of the 22" power wires directly from the battery to power up this segment.
  • Ground Effects - (1) 18-LED strip on the frame rail. Install on the inside of the frame rail so it won't be damaged by a jack or when loading onto a trailer. Use (1) of the 39" connector wires. You can use an open power socket on another strip or cut one end off and power directly from the battery.
  • Saddlebags - Use the last strip for rear lighting. Measure your saddlebag support frames to see what will fit. Cut and install on the bag frame support - not on the bag itself. Align slightly inward to light the pipes, rear wheel and ground. Use (1) 39" connector wire on each side to power up the strips. Cut one end off and run power directly from the battery. Use any leftover segment(s) to further light the engine area or other part of the bike.

Our Cut N’ Click™ LEDs are significantly brighter than the more common 3mm LEDs found in several motorcycle lighting products. They’re mounted on a flexible strip you can cut into pieces of 3-LED multiples to fit anywhere you want to put them. Each 3-LED segment has a self-locking connector plug that allows you to easily connect segments to one another. This modular design eliminates the wire clutter you get from strips or pods that each have their own long wire lead to run back under the seat. NOTE: If you ride in an area where you will encounter salted roadways or in coastal areas with heavy salt in the environment you might want to consider our Value Series lights strips. Those strips are sealed and will withstand moisture intrusion/corrosion much better.

Regardless of competitors’ claims to offer more for less, our Cut N’ Click™ flexible 5mm LED strips outclass all varieties of surface mount, 3mm, and 5mm flexible LED strips on the market. Unlike others who offer the cheapest products available from China, we pay more to source the best LEDs the market has to offer. If a product’s price seems too good to be true, it probably is!

As an educated consumer it’s also important to understand that while the physical appearance of others’ products may be similar, or even identical to ours, they are typically using much cheaper LEDs that are less intense and produce a “dirty” lighting effect rather than a smooth, even glow. Don’t be fooled by others’ “brightness guarantee” or some other gimmick to get your order. Smart shoppers know you’ll never go wrong with Boogey Lights®. Our products, our lifetime warranty and our customer support have all stood the test of time.

Installation Instructions

For instructions on how to install our Cut N' Click and all our series of lights, please go to our Installation Instructions Page.